moneysocket is
a connection to the Lightning Network for your application. By opening a network socket, you can automate the sending and receiving of instant payments of any size with users and/or other applications.
More specifically,
an application can include a MIT-licensed library with an implementation of the protocol (Javascript, Python, and Go) and connect to other apps and devices. Through the API, you can request and pay Lightning Network invoices, get balance updates and more.
Moneysocket enables developers to create decentralized applications for handling money that automates the user experience of payments when desired. For example, peer-to-peer paid live video and music streaming, hardware micro-rentals, accessing Bitcoin liquidity markets and new things we haven't imagined yet.
Moneysocket In Two Minutes:
Run it yourself:
By following our tutorial, you can be using moneysocket for micropayments in your browser within minutes.
See Tutorial
We suspect this protocol is useful for holding stable fiat-denominated balances for providing UIs in the currency a user expects. Some experimental work has been done on the concept of Stablewallets and is covered in this video
Additionally, some of the though process that has gotten here has been documented in a development journal playlist which has some elaboration about how this has come together and suspected future directions.
Be warned,
this project is still new and in development. The protocol has yet to be formalized and is open to changes.
If you are interested in being involved and helping shape the future of micropayments, please join us in our Telegram discussion group and say hi.