moneysocket is:

in simple terms

Moneysocket is an easy way for computers to pay other computers in Bitcoin via the Lightning Network.

in more detail

Moneysocket is a protocol and system for applications to connect to other applications via a full-duplex pipe and coordinate over paying bolt11s via the Lightning Network. It is designed to allow fast and frequent settlement of small automated payments with minimal human intervention from the user.


it paves the way for:

services like

Peer-to-peer paid live video and music streaming. Bitcoin liquidity markets. Software streaming. Hardware micro-rentals.

because it allows

A stream of trustless, instant and cheap micropayments between multiple parties. It automates the process of approving each singular payment, significantly improving the user experience and incentivizing decentralized applications that can be easily monetized.

moneysocket in action:

other stuff:

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